What is G6? Formerly Known as G5

As the education landscape continues to evolve, Title IV funding is a pivotal cornerstone for schools seeking to provide accessible and impactful education for their students. G5 is a management system that the Department of Education uses for federal funds to ensure financial compliance from schools that use Title IV funding. G5 is slowly being retired in phases where the newest system, called G6, will take its place. In this blog we’ll discuss what G6 is, the G5 to G6 transition, why this matters to you, and how we can help. 

Federal funds management through G6

What is G6? 

G6 (formerly referred to as G5) is a Department of Education system used for managing federal funds. It allows schools to request payments, adjust drawdowns, and return cash to the Department of Education for many Title IV programs. Some of these include:  

  • The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program 
  • The Federal Pell Grant Program  
  • The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) 
  • The Direct Loan Program (Subsidized, Unsubsidized & Plus Loans) 

Transitioning from G5 to G6 

The Department has announced the retirement of G5. In August of 2023 they began a slow transition away from G5 with a new, streamlined version called G6. While users should not expect a full launch of G6 at one time, they can start seeing some differences slowly roll out such as: 

  • New user interface 
  • New informational link  
  • New secure sign in 

With their new user interface and grant-making functionality, G6 is the newest federal funds management system for the Department of Education’s grantmaking community. Additional grantmaking functionality is still being rolled out as the project advances further. The Department of Education plans to communicate with users about new functionality closer to each release date. 

The transition from G5 to G6 marks a significant milestone for schools in the realm of education funding and financial management. As Title IV-eligible schools learn to embrace this innovative system, they open doors to more efficient and streamlined processes for handling federal grant funds. 

Tips for logging into G6: 

Users will have a new option to log in to G6 using – which is a secure sign in service operated by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). 

New G6 log in

FRIENDLY TIP 👋 – Although it is not required, the Department of Education encourages users to consider creating a account to log in to G6 following the implementation of the new system to avoid any issues that may arise. Users are also still able to continue using their G5 User ID and password to log in to the new G6 system. Improvements to various grant management functions are still coming out as the project advances further. 

The enhanced features of G6 position it as an important tool for schools navigating the complexities of funding, financial aid management, and compliance. G6 represents not just a system upgrade, but a commitment to modernization and efficiency in educational financial management. This evolution signifies a positive step forward in empowering institutions to better serve their students and fulfill their educational missions with greater ease and effectiveness.   

What is FAS’ role with G6? 

G6 is used in our daily operations at FAS for requesting drawdowns, managing loan and Pell/SEOG vouchers, and securing refunds for loans and grants. The reporting functions embedded in the system also allow us to conduct reconciliations on both a monthly and year-end basis.  

While clients may not actively engage with G6, we do suggest they have a view-only access as a resource for potential future reference. This ensures accessibility for clients to log in and view relevant information whenever needed. The efficiency and user-friendly features of G6 continue to enhance our financial processes and contribute to a streamlined and effective operational workflow. 

FAS encourages school administrators, financial aid advisors, and all our clients who are involved in the management of Title IV funding to familiarize themselves with the new G6 system for streamlined and compliant operations. Visit the new G6 website today to learn more and become more familiar with the new implementations of G6! 

Still have questions about G6? We are here to help you! Contact us today. 

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