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Title IV is Federal Student Financial Aid.  It is funds the government allows the student to apply for to assist the student with college tuition and expenses including any postsecondary education tuition and costs.  Title IV or Federal Student Assistance is obtained by the student completing and application called the FAFSA (Free application for Federal Student Aid) and submitting it to the U.S. Department of Education for review and calculation of need. If the student meets eligibility criteria mandated by the USDOE, they become eligible to receive a range of funds from the USDOE from a combination of Title IV programs.  These programs may be ‘free’ money or grants such as a Federal Pell Grant or Federal SEOG (supplemental education opportunity grant) or borrowed money such as the Student Federal Direct Loan or Parent PLUS loan.

Financial Aid Services, Inc.,  assists colleges, proprietary schools, career schools and vocational technical schools in processing these student applications and review process, as well as, request funds student becomes eligible for.  FAS even provides auditing of student eligibility and programs so schools are assured they are processing accurately for only eligible students and all policy and compliance to regulations are met.  FAS is comprised of seasoned experts who provide friendly professional consulting and processing support as well as training and compliance auditing. FAS provides financial aid processing software as part of its services to automate data collection and tracking.  FAS and its sister company Genesis Software also provide school management software to assist school in managing the student life cycle from A to Z or from a student lead to enrollment to schedules and academics to billing and clinics and graduating and all the reporting that is required by state and federal government and accrediting agencies.

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