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Sandi O’Connell

Sandi O’Connell

Partner and Vice President of Operations of FAS and Genesis-SMSS

After earning her B.S. with honors in Business Management, Sandi joined FAS full time in 1991 working closely with founder and CEO, Al Gillis, as his executive assistant. (Al Gillis was also Sandi’s Dad and believed she should learn every aspect of the business.) During her FIRST 15 years at FAS and Genesis Software, Sandi was taught first-hand the art of consulting and servicing all aspects of Title IV in an unpredictable Federal Aid environment from the ground, up. From verifying student files, to disbursing Pell to certifying Loans and to cash management and filing reports, Sandi learned every piece of the Federal Student Assistance Programs. Sandi has tackled the numerous and complex Federal regulations that burden schools daily and created a revealing news periodical called FASTimes, to keep client schools informed of the changes and issues in the financial aid arena. Sandi has also had numerous opportunities to visit schools to conduct audits and review files, as well as train a variety of school personnel in the financial aid process.

During the last 15 years Sandi has taken the helm with partner, Ron Berton, while Al took a step back and eventually retired. As an owner/partner, and servant leader, Sandi is using her in depth financial aid systems knowledge and management background to continue to successfully evolve and grow FAS’ services and software to be an undeniable valuable asset to schools. Sandi’s passion for creating a positive culture of love, trust, care, and accountability with a little fun in a family business has enabled FAS members to form genuine lasting relationships with each other and client school faculty. FAS team members hold themselves to the highest standards in this culture and go the extra mile to help in every area of school management keeping FAS schools’ loyal clients and friends for many years.

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