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Ron Berton

Ron Berton

Partner and Vice President of Finance of FAS and Genesis-SMSS

Ron has worked closely with founder and owner, Al Gillis, as his colleague for over 25 years at Financial Aid Services, Inc. After earning his Business Management Degree, Ron ambitiously set out to gain expertise in consulting and servicing in the ever-changing Title IV programs and in school management in general. Through the numerous years Ron has been with FAS, he has visited schools across the U.S. to perform school management assessments, training, and compliance audits. He has researched many Federal regulations and clarifications thus establishing a close professional relationship with the U.S. Department of Education.

Ron’s most significant achievement has been his heading up and coordinating the design, development, and deployment of Genesis-SMSS, currently, “the most integrated and easy to use” school administrative software. His software design experience also carries over redesigning FAS’ internal application and school internet-based software, FASLine, which FAS provides to schools to process and package Title IV aid. Ron also spearheaded the design of FAS’ newest web-based application, EDGE, which will bring all software into one web package.

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