Exit Counseling for Student Loans

Read Time: 2 Minutes
Transitioning from student to graduate? Don’t overlook exit counseling for federal student loans! Get vital guidance on managing post-graduation loans, repayment options, and more.

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Entrance Counseling for Student Loans

Read Time: 2 Minutes
Essential for students seeking loan aid, entrance counseling ensures financial preparedness, reduces defaults, and secures your educational future. Discover who needs it and understand its significance for schools.

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NEW A-Z Financial Aid Acronym Page

Read Time: 1 minute
Explore our new Financial Aid Acronym page for a quick reference to essential acronyms from A to Z. Easily navigate and print for convenience.

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What is Gainful Employment?

Read Time: 2 minutes
Gainful Employment is a hot topic in the financial aid world! So how does it affect your school and students? What are some of the challenges it comes with? Let’s dive in and learn more about gainful employment!

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FSA Training Conference 2023

Read Time: 4 Minutes – Gear up, because tomorrow, the annual Federal Student Aid, otherwise known as the FSA Training Conference, begins! The conference will once again be virtual this year, and signing up is free! This four-day conference is an integral part of financial aid, as the Department of Education hosts this event filled with regulatory news and updates to various federal systems as it applies to students and professionals.

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