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Student File Direct is a completely web-based application that facilitates the collection and storage of Verification documents from a student across all award years and life cycles of their academic career within an institution. Student File Direct also serves an electronic document management system between the school and all FAS departments such as Reconciliation, R2T4 and more.

Document collection and tracking is an integral piece of the software to free up time for Financial Aid staff. Taking the guess work away from the staff’s day to day. Student File Direct automates form selection based on Verification Flag Types, provides compliant verification forms, and consists of an automated alert system for a Financial Aid Department to know exactly when and what documents are pending from a student.

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Built in tracking and history regarding a student file or an uploaded document provides a comprehensive story for Financial Aid Departments to accurately gauge time frames for completion and allows “real-time” tracking for follow up on verification files at any time.

With the integration of Student File Direct into school processes, FAA’s are finding they can spend more time on student interaction, increase the student awarding process and ultimately increase student enrollment, while decreasing time spent on a manual verification process leading to a greater student experience.


  • Student Portal
  • Automated Document Collection
  • Document Tracking
  • Reader-Friendly ISIRs
  • Federally Compliant Forms
  • Repository of Student Files
  • School and Student Notification & Task Alerts
  • Automated Status Updates
  • Tracking Filters to Monitor File Progression
  • Fillable Forms and E-Sign Capabilities
  • Increased Processing Efficiency
  • Data Security




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