School Management Software (SMS)

Genesis-SMS now has an online version as well as the existing Desktop version.

Genesis-SMS includes many different standard features which will change the way you manage your school. The power of Genesis-SMS can also be intensified through the optional Instant Time & Attendance (Genesis-ITA) , Point Of Sale (Genesis-POS).

There are many reasons to choose Genesis-SMS

  • Utilizes the Internet for quick and easy updates.
  • Integrated Time & Attendance (Genesis-ITA) . View attendance instantly. No Exporting or Importing!
  • Integrated Point Of Sale (Genesis-POS) . View clinic grades instantly. No Exporting or Importing!
  • Database is YOURS, always have access to data regardless!
  • Automatic notification of student midpoint and SAP status.
  • 1098T data and reports.
  • NACCAS and IPED reports.
  • Students can get grade, attendance and appointment information from the student portal.

Complete Integration

  • School Management Software (Genesis-SMS), Time Clock (Genesis-ITA) , and Point Of Sale (Genesis-POS) developed and supported by one company.
  • Eliminate downloading student time from a third party software program.
  • Eliminate downloading student clinic completions from a third party software program.
  • No duplication of data.
  • Genesis-SMS IS LIVE and immediately applies attendance, academic completions and grades for clinic or lab services to the student’s record when services are completed. You know instantly the status of each student’s SAP.

Customer Service & Product Support

  • Supported by experienced school industry professionals.
  • FREE unlimited Telephone Support, Internet Updates, and Training at our site during initial 90 day support period.
  • Committed to meeting changing needs by adding continuous Updates and Functionality.
  • Entertains customization requests through Wish List program.

In addition to the powerful school management capabilities, Genesis-SMS also offers seamless integration to a full range of functions including:

  • Standard Windows Environment
  • Stand Alone or Network Versions
  • Multiple Time Saving Task Capability
  • Lead Tracking & Follow-ups
  • Admissions
  • Accounts Receivable Ledgers
  • 1098T Data & Reporting
  • Attendance
  • Academics
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  • Student Financial Aid
  • Job Placement
  • User Security
  • Customizable “Drop Down” Boxes
  • Auto Midpoint & SAP Notification
  • Leave of Absence
  • Overtime Charges
  • Inventory & Cash Control
  • Integrated Time & Attendance (View Attendance Instantly)
  • Integrated Point Of Sale!!! (View Clinic Grades Instantly)
  • No Importing Or Exporting
  • Receipt Printer
  • Electronic Cash Drawer
  • Client Tracking
  • Internet Updates
  • Standard and Optional Custom Reports

The ability to truly integrate your school operations will rid you of unnecessary duplication of data entry efforts, creating a smooth running environment for your school.

We invite you to take a closer look and believe you will be impressed with the power, flexibility, and ease of use! Contact us about a FREE DEMO from our Request Info Page.

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