Sights to See in Tennessee

By Lisa Blunt

For my first girls trip weekend away I visited Nashville, Tennessee for the first time! Having no kiddos tagging along made me realize that I really need to get out more (lol!). Here are some of the top places you absolutely NEED to include as part of your Nashville journey!

Straight away I knew the first place I wanted to visit was the American Country music stage known as The Grand Ole Opry. The Grand Ole Opry is the world’s longest running radio broadcast in U.S. history (1925) and even streams live on Nashville’s radio station WSM.


And what is Nashville without the food? I don’t know about anyone else, but when I think of any of the southern states my mind immediately wanders to that yummy soul food. I’m talking about a mouthwatering, heart fluttering fried chicken sandwich that will make you do the happy dance. Easily the tastiest fried chicken I’ve ever had was at Hattie B’s. This place is an absolute must stop.

Feel the rhythm of Nashville’s country music in downtown Broadway. You can feel the music on the sidewalks as you walk past a spectacular variety of restaurants, live music venues and famous Country star named bars. The Kid Rock bar was my favorite!

When was the last time you walked down a street and felt music in the air feed your soul?


About the Author:

Lisa Blunt is a Student Eligibility Review Specialist at FAS. In her free time she enjoys being outside taking walks, spending time with family, or watching a good movie. One of her favorite places to be is at the beach soaking up the sun with a good book.

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