Regulation and Compliance

Financial Aid Services, Inc, is your wealth of information within easy access for quick answers to questions regarding

  • Institutional Eligibility Under the Higher Education Act of 1965 (As Ammended)
  • Student Assistance General Provisions
  • All Title IV Regulation Interpretation including language contained in The CFR (Code of Federal Regulations), Federal Student Aid Handbook, Dear Partner/Colleague Letters, Electronic Announcements, Federal Registers and Workshops.
  • Current Compliance as it applies to your specific school situation


Relieve Program Review and Annual Audit Anxieties by consulting with FAS’ experienced staff. After over 25 years in business, The FAS Staff has encountered diverse issues with many different types of institutions and programs. We have built a solid reputation and relationship with Department of Education Officials allowing our staff to effectively research accurate answers when necessary.

FAS concentrates on keeping its clients “Administratively Capable” by giving in depth answers to educate rather than quick fixes.

Our opinions and advice are considered “conservative” as we seek the best answer and approach to benefit your well-being and eligibility in the Title IV Programs.

We are always a phone call, email or Fax away and we do not use automated answering services. We welcome your calls and gladly answer your questions the first time you contact us giving you same-day answers. Our clients never feel intimidated to pick up the phone or to send an email because they know they can count on a friendly in depth answer to any type of question.

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