Make FAS your largest financial aid resource for publications and news

FAS provides Clients with:

  • Dependable Monthly E-Newsletter/regulatory update (FAS Curated)
  • Web site News Updates for up-to-the-minute updates!
  • Email Updates As Necessary
  • Procedure and Financial Aid Manual provided to school online with yearly updates
  • Policy and form Templates for Required Processes

FAS realizes it is time consuming to try to read every thing that comes across your desk including the 10 to 20 emails you have to read when you turn on your computer, and how about getting onto the internet to visit all those websites to update yourself? You could be bogged down for days!

FAS staff is exposed to industry publications as well as the Department of Education updates daily, and we do read it all and discuss it in house as well as with industry officials. The good news is FAS will package exactly what you need to know now and present it to you in an easy-to-read format in an electronic newsletter. No longer do you have to browse several emails and websites to get the same information.

FAS also provides the school with a procedure manual to assist in processing and learning about financial aid. FAS updates this manual electronically and stores the file for quick access within client’s online EDGE webpage.

If you need assistance in creating any type of financial aid form or policy, FAS has the resources and knowledge to create the form or policy for you! FAS may even already have that template form or policy you need.

FAS has a large library of financial aid publications. This enables staff to research complex regulations and answer questions using back up documentation so that schools have the means to prove their case if necessary.


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