Our Mission

Our Mission
Our mission is to perform an upfront assessment of the institution to familiarize ourselves with each client school culture and systems and then to streamline operations with our technology and value added hands-on processing. We aim to keep the school completely administratively capable by also educating the school staff so that they are in control of the school’s Title IV Programs and can make decisions and answer to officials if necessary. We will always deliver our assistance with an easy-going, friendly approach and with compassion for school staff by being adaptable and flexible to their needs as we strive to build a ‘personal’ relationship, as well as, a business relationship.



Fostering an environment of discipline, respect, collaboration and compassion amongst each other, FAS believes in investing in the strengths and ideas of each member of our team. Like a tight-knit family, we keep communication a constant and are willing to get uncomfortable with each other to work through conflict; coming together and working through each challenge as one.


Embodying a sense of empathy and vulnerability with each other, our team strives towards honest and transparent communication without judgement. FAS is driven towards being a reliable and knowledgeable resource for not just one another but our clients too.


New perspectives on a different way of evolving is the core of who we are. We strike-out “can’t” from our vocabulary because we believe there is always a way to solve the unsolvable.


We strive towards good health and a quality of life that produces confidence, self-love, gratefulness, and a form of happiness that is contagious for all.


Fun with adventure is the pulse of our family. Living to laugh, we believe it’s important to remain loose and uplifting when engaging with others.

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