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Financial Aid Services Inc. was brought to life back in April of 1980. We come from humble beginnings, when Albert Gillis started FAS with just 3 family members as employees over 40 years ago. Now, in 2023, the business has now grown to almost 50 employees that we still call family.

Still to this day we get to work with clients that have been with FAS since the very beginning. We are honored to continue serving our clients, and the many institutions that have been with us for over 30 years!

Financial Aid Services, Inc. has grown into a well-known financial aid servicer and school management software service that helps to serve institutions and students across the country! We are able to fulfill the role of an entire financial aid department, in the sense that we provide a group of experts in their fields to assist our clients.

FAS is a very people-oriented company. At any time, our clients can call us up and talk to a real person. This way, we are able to help our clients with one-on-one assistance with any issue or question they may face. We have also created great relationships with the Department of Education over the years. Clients can rely on us to reach out to the Department of Education to get answers to their questions which saves our institutions time and money.

We have been doing this for over 40 years, so we pride ourselves on having a team that is going to be able to really take in these regulations, understand them, and relay them to our clients.

“We will not let you fail. We are going to be here every step of the way.”

– Frank Carney, Senior Business Analyst/Director of Support Genesis

We are known for our friendly easy-going family of experts who will go the distance to be sure our schools have accurate answers, streamlined processing, and compliant procedures-all within budget. Many years of expertise has taught us all that our mission is to help and serve people first.

We truly care about helping any size of school grow through its challenges and succeed in giving each student a chance to obtain an education and career thanks to funding from Title IV.

Financial Aid Services Inc. has the knowledge, software, and the expertise at our fingertips that can help your institution achieve its greatest Financial Aid goals. The complexity of Financial Aid can be overwhelming. We have a staff that is on top of it that can do the work for you!

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