Offered Trainings

Financial Aid Services offer both in person classes as well as web-based training solutions for all clients free of charge. Trainings offered may be recorded webinars, live forums, or a scheduled training tailored to individual needs.

If you have a new person to train, find it difficult getting through to the Department of Education or need assistance in obtaining the proper resources to run your financial aid office, we can help! We can facilitate Staff Training or evaluation of financial aid officers and provide technical training on a variety of government regulations and software packages. FAS is also a liaison for a variety of resource management needs including technical, legal, clerical, accounting, graphic design and printing services.

Class Topics

The Basics of Running a Financial Aid Office – From Student Interview to Student Graduation

  • Introduction to the Financial Aid Programs
  • Student entrance/exit interview
  • Cost of Attendance Budgets
  • Figuring the Aid and Award Letters
  • Disbursing Aid
  • R2T4 Calculation
  • Professional Judgment
  • Verification
  • NSLDS and SSCR reporting

How to make FAS’ systems work for you

  • FAS procedures and School Procedures
  • Hands-on training in FASLine Internet Software
  • Hands-on training in Student File Direct Internet Software
  • Hands-on Training in Department of Education’s Edexpress Software
  • How to submit accurate data for student disbursement
  • When to use hard copy and the U.S. Mail to send FAS student data (the complete file)

Computerize Your School

  • Hands on training on School Management Software and Integration
  • Training on all computer related issues
  • Hands on Training on the web and e-mail communications
SFD School Tasks
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Student File Direct - a system for processing Verification, C-Code and Professional Judgement files.
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