NSLDS Student Status Confirmation Reports (SSCRs)

If a school participates in any of the Federal Loan programs or participated in the programs in the past, it is required to report student enrollment and loan information to the Department of Education on a bi-monthly basis. The Department of Education is very strict in having the school report out its student information by a specific date. The school risks certain penalties if it misses a deadline or reports erroneous data to the Department. These penalties could eventually red flag the school and jeopardize its program integrity.

Therefore, FAS found it necessary to create for the school on-line software to manage the data the school needs to report out on. The school simply clicks on the SSCR heading in its main menu and updates a student report on-line. Once the school is done, it clicks on submit and the data is sent to FAS.

FAS added a tracking feature to the software to keep schools from missing deadlines. FAS is also able to note if a school is about to be late in submitting its report and FAS staff can monitor report confirmations for rejected records and help correct any school errors in a timely manner to avoid penalties.

By using the SSCR feature schools are assured that they are submitting accurate reports on time, thus keeping them in compliance.

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