Jackie Tuthill’s Start in Higher Education

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At Financial Aid Services (FAS) and Genesis Software, with decades worth of experience, we are known for our industry expertise! But how did our experts first begin their journey in the world of Higher Education? This month we are chatting with Jackie Tuthill! Jackie is one of our Senior Consultants. She is an expert in Direct Loan Disbursing and Regulation, R2T4’s, Program Set Up, Program Reviews, and more! Read more about Jackie’s humble beginnings in the industry below!


When I graduated from college in 2000 with my business degree, I already had an apartment rented – so I knew I had to find a job fast! I submitted applications for numerous entry-level positions in banking and accounting. Additionally, I prepared a resume and cover letter specifically for a Financial Aid Counselor position at a local college because I found it intriguing and had a longstanding interest in financial counseling.

Not long after, I was offered the job as a bank teller. Due to my panic about adult bills to pay, I accepted it.

Over the next couple of years, I worked as both a bank teller and staff accountant.  One day I noticed a job posting at the same school for that Financial Aid Counselor position and I decided to apply for it. That began my Title IV journey in 2002!

In 2007, I received an offer for my first FA (Financial Aid) Director position. As I was packing to relocate to Maine, I stumbled upon the original resume and cover letter from 2000 in a coat pocket (don’t judge me for my hoarding, LOL!). It felt like a sign that I was destined to work in financial aid eventually. I just needed to get there in my own time.

I worked for the same school system in locations all over New England from 2002-2008. Once I saw a position open up at FAS, I applied immediately. I stopped in for an interview on my way to work in Boston (horrible commute, btw), and about a month later I joined the FAS Family! I have never looked back since.

I loved counseling students back when I first started in this industry! Now I have the joy of supporting schools so that they can do what I once did; counsel students who are on their way towards reaching their life’s goals.

What do you think about Jackie’s Journey? Have you experienced anything similar? Let her know in the comments below!

If you are new to the Higher Education industry, or have been around for years, we would love to hear how YOU began!

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