Is Remote Work The Future?

By: Liam O’Connell

I am currently working remotely for FAS. As my first remote position out of college, it has been a rewarding and interesting experience for me so far. There are definitely some pros and cons to working remotely, but I believe the benefits outweigh the downsides. One of the best things for me is that I get to spend more time at home with my partner and my cat, Pear. Working remotely also gets rid of any commuting time whatsoever. In the winter, I work part-time as a ski instructor in Utah. My drive home at the end of a long day can add up to be about 60 miles (or an hour and a half of driving). During the offseason, having that extra time has been rewarding. I get to be more productive around the house and focus on my hobbies more. However, what I miss the most when I’m working remotely is social interaction. As a ski instructor, I am constantly interacting with all different kinds of awesome people. Missing that has been tough.

Working remotely has been a blessing and a challenge for me. I’m not sitting in an office all day which is nice because I can move around the house, sit outside, or work anywhere that has wifi! The biggest challenge for me is staying focused when I find a distraction. Working remotely requires a lot of self-control, motivation, and determination. These are important life skills I am learning and applying in my work and home life.

One of the best things about working for FAS is that I get the opportunity to interact with my team, take walks, and join the morning meditation during company time. This helps me stay focused in my work. Twice a week there are company walks and every other day we do meditation. I’ll join the teams meeting for the walk on my phone and take my cat outside and get some fresh air. When I come back inside from a walk, I am always ready to get back to it. Meditation is nice in the mornings too because when I log into work in the morning, I can use meditation to wake up and mentally prepare for the day. Remote work could be the future, but it has to be done right. Financial Aid Services is definitely heading in the right direction by making work more accessible for their team.

Due to the pandemic, FAS had to adapt to remote work. Because of that everyone in and out of the office works well with each other. Every employee keeps Microsoft Teams running during the day, so if I need to ask a question, get something from someone, or schedule a meeting, it happens fast! Having the option to work remotely or in the office is nice too. I currently live in Utah so I’m not in the office, but whenever I’m home in New Hampshire, it’s fun going into the office and seeing everyone. The way FAS handles working remotely is awesome and I think job satisfaction and employee retention is high because of it.

I believe remote work can be the future if it’s done right. FAS accomplishes what they need to while working remotely and in person simultaneously. It has enabled employees of FAS to not be tied down by location, and that helps FAS keep those amazing people too. They are constantly adapting and implementing new things for remote workers which is crucial to improvement. I like how I am heard at FAS. Employees have a say in things here and that helps us grow together, as a team, for the better. Remote work could be a good or bad experience for anyone, but in my case, and Financial Aid Services, I think it’s going very well! One thing remote work accomplishes is giving people more time and flexibility. I think we could all use a little more of that!

About the Author:

Liam O’Connell is a Sales and Marketing Assistant at FAS. In his free time, he enjoys rockhounding with his partner, skiing, traveling, and cars. The mountains are his favorite place to be!

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