FSA Training Conference 2023

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Gear up, because tomorrow, the annual Federal Student Aid, otherwise known as the FSA Training Conference, begins! The conference will once again be virtual this year, and signing up is free! This four-day conference is an integral part of financial aid, as the Department of Education hosts this event filled with regulatory news and updates to various federal systems as it applies to students and professionals. Tune in for a schedule of highly anticipated speakers and Q&A sessions.  

Each year, FAS attends these FSA Training Conference. As a team, we attend all sessions, then come together to discuss the most important tidbits that are needed for our clients to know. We HIGHLY encourage schools and professionals of the Financial Aid world to make room in their busy schedules to attend.  

 What to Expect from the FSA Training Conference 

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  • The FSA Training Conference is FREE – there is no cost 
  • Event begins in Eastern Standard time 
  • Most of these sessions are LIVE 
  • For the best viewing results, use Google Chrome internet browser.  Internet Explorer and Firefox may not be supported.  
  • Find the Agenda by visiting FSA Partner Connect Program Agenda. 
  • Descriptions of each session and times to tune in can be found here. 

FAS Recommendations for the FSA Training Conference 

The FSA Training Conference may appear intimidating with its jam-packed schedule and policy updates, but it is a plethora of valuable information. In the past, the conference required a ticket purchase. Now that it is virtual and free, we strongly recommend all school staff attend! 

  1. Be sure to review the agenda and pick sessions out in advance that you do not want to miss!
  2. We recommend attending Q&A sessions, as other schools participate and ask interesting questions that may apply to you.
  3. Keynote Addresses are always a must watch!
  4. Policy Updates! Be on the lookout for these, as there is no better time to get a policy update than directly from the Department of Education (DOE).
  5. Fraud and Cybersecurity – as cybersecurity continues to be an ongoing threat for institutions, it is important to stay aware of policy updates and protocol changes.
  6. FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Simplification! We anticipate this topic to be a big one this year. With so many regulatory changes going into effect, these sessions are a must! 

 If there is a live session you can’t quite fit into your schedule, check back for updates. All sessions will be pre-recorded and available on demand after the conference. 

What to do if you cannot hear or see the stream? 

DOE recommends checking with your IT department. It is possible that video streaming may be blocked on your network or device.  

Certificate of Attendance 

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Be sure to download and/or print your certificate of attendance! Each session should have one available after its conclusion. You’ll be required to complete a session evaluation first. Certificates will be available for download up to three months after the FSA Training Conference ends. Find more information on certificate of attendance procedures here.  

Post FSA Training Conference Expectations 

If you attended a session that you feel you need more training on, reach out to us! We offer FREE on-demand training, both LIVE via zoom calls and in person if you would like to visit our offices! We understand, now more than ever, how important thorough training can be for policy and regulatory updates, and our expert staff is always ready to demystify convoluted regulatory text!  

Visit our training page to sign up for training or contact us directly! 


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