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Think of FASLine as your main web based resource to quickly and easily process your Federal Student Aid all from one main menu.

FASLine integrates seamlessly with the U.S. Department of Education’s EdExpress and FAFSA online applications giving users the power to control their student data while following the strict regulations Dept of Ed (DOE). mandates. This integration also gives users additional flexibility to move certain tasks in-house if they choose. The best advantage is the institution saves on costly annual upgrades and downtime headaches of malfunctioning software since DOE applications are updated annually by the Department of Education themselves at no charge and are completely tested before release. If a problem should arise, DOE is aware and gives institutions workarounds and immunity from findings since they know the problem is on their end. Proprietary software does not usually afford prevention like this.

FASLine is EASY because it mainly collects initial student data that is not already submitted on the student’s FAFSA form. FAS staff obtains this data to perform the actual processing and decision making using our own in-house application. That is why FAS is considered a “hands-on” processor and not just software providers.

  • FASLine with Edexpress will allow the institution to instantly calculate student’s Estimated Family Contribution (EFC), Submit Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA) and then Receive Student Aid Report (SAR or ISIR) the following day.
  • The school then has the choice of reviewing and correcting the ISIR or they can have FAS do it for them.
  • From there the institution will have the power to print award letters complete with all aid in the student’s package and start the disbursement process of aid all with a couple of clicks.
  • Student Aid Funds come in very timely with FASLine and institutions are notified by email AND by FASLine via a detailed electronic student voucher indicator the day FAS draws the funds for the institution. These features have been proven to prevent cash management findings.
  • Subsequent disbursements and R2T4 Calculation results are a few keystrokes away as is returning unearned aid to Dept of Ed. FASLine helps eliminate late refunds on audits.
  • Student Status Confirmation Reporting (SSCRs) for the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) are also tracked and submitted via FASLine.
  • Verification, C Codes and Professional Judgments are also monitored through FASLine as FAS Staff perform these functions again at the choice of the institution.

Financial Aid Service’s FASLine application and FAS’ interactive staff of experienced professionals immediately and directly streamlines the institution’s Financial Aid Delivery Process from packaging and awarding to reporting and auditing. Contact us to get started today!

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