Family Keeps You Strong

By Susan Barber

Recently I attended a wedding for my niece. Brittany is the first baby out of the 13 nieces and nephews between my four siblings to get married! The entire family was not only in attendance, but we all decided to stay at the same hotel as the wedding! Being with family is one of my favorite things. They are an extension of who I am as a person. Multiply that with so many of these happy, fun, and crazy people in a single room and it is fireworks!

The ceremony was beautiful and true to our family roots. My oldest brother (Brittany’s Godfather) officiated the wedding. He went ahead to get a one-day license just so he could marry them. He made us laugh, he made us cry, and he joined Brittany and Jeremy in a union before us all. He did so well that one of the ushers asked my brother to officiate his wedding! Sadly he said, his license turns into a pumpkin at midnight!

The wedding was a complete family affair. My middle brother aka Uncle Buck walked Brittany down the aisle. My brother made such a huge impact on their lives, representing the dad, and the crazy uncle when needed in various stages of growing up. Uncle Buck started the water works for the entire group by walking Brittany down the aisle, just for my oldest brother to finish us off with so many happy tears!

And what is a wedding without food and dance?! Usually the bride has a father/bride dance. One of the best things I’ve witnessed at a wedding was watching Brittany dance with each of her 3 brothers in turn. It really hit home how much family means to us all. The food was to die for, drinks were flowing, and cousins were dancing both young and old!


What do I take from all of this? I say “FAMILY” is what keeps you going, keeps you strong and having each other’s back is a feeling of security that cannot be matched. You do not have to be family to have this same outcome. FAS is a perfect example of this. We help each other out when the goings gets tough, and our clients are in so many ways, a big extension of our family. We are always there for them if the pieces fall in Financial Aid, and we place those pieces back with great care. When you help one another and you are there for one another, it does come back to you in unexpected and wonderful ways!




About the Author:

Susan Barber is a PELL specialist and part of the compliance team at FAS. Since her kids are grown now, loves to find different recipes to cook, go for walks with her dog and relax and host by the pool with family and friends.

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  1. Darcy Kattar

    July 12, 2022 at 4:34 am

    Great read Sue ! : )


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