Diana’s Financial Aid Journey with FAS and Genesis

At Financial Aid Services (FAS) and Genesis Software, we are known for our industry expertise with decades worth of experience. But how did our experts first begin their journey in the world of Higher Education and Financial Aid? 

This month we are hearing from Diana Proulx, a Direct Loan Specialist here at FAS. You can read below to find out for yourself how her journey in the Financial Aid Industry first started! 


My financial aid journey began about four and a half years ago when I joined the team at FAS as a front desk receptionist. This wasn’t my first time as a receptionist, I had prior experience working as a receptionist for a few different salons. I was looking for a change and that’s when I stumbled upon the opportunity here at FAS. So, I took it! 

Shortly after I started, I switched over to the Pell Department where I gained a lot of knowledge of the financial aid world. I worked with the Pell Department for a few years before switching over to the Direct Loan Department. The decision to change departments was not taken lightly, as I knew it would be a challenge transitioning, and that I would have a lot to learn.  

This change forced me to step outside of my comfort zone, and it truly has been one of the best things for me. I encountered various challenges, but each obstacle became an opportunity for growth and development. I continue to learn so much, and this experience has reminded me that we are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for!

  When I’m not at work, you can find me enjoying time with my family and our fur babies. Chances are, I will be snapping a thousand pictures of them all, as I love photography! We love spending time outside with our golden retriever, Maizy, and are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting spots to explore out here in New England! 

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