Connecting with Nature

By April Hersey

“Lose yourself in nature and find peace.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life can get so hectic: kids, sports, jobs, meetings, appointments, pets. It all adds up. Everything I do, every thought I have, uses energy. I find connecting with nature to be the best way to recharge. Every Sunday morning, I load up the kayak and head to the water. Here, in the early hours of the morning it is quiet. I paddle for a while, taking in the colors all around me. The bright blue of the sky, crisp greens in the trees, the ripples in the dark water from the morning breeze; stopping to appreciate the beauty in it all.


I close my eyes, take a deep breath and my senses come alive. Birds are chirping in the distance. I can hear a loon bellow off to my right, the rustling of the leaves as the wind gently moves through them, and the sound of the water lapping as the bow of the kayak cuts through it. I can smell the sweetness of spring from the trees and flowers blooming. The air is cool, clean, fresh, invigorating. The sun warms my face as it starts to come over the trees, a reminder that summer is right around the corner.

Here, there are no distractions. Here I am still. I am able to put the daily goings-on to the side, clear my mind, and just BE. After a few hours on the water, I feel refueled, restored, calm, clear headed, and full of gratitude. This is my happy place, a place of tranquility. The place I come to lose myself and the stresses of day-to-day life and find my peace.



What do you do for yourself to leave it all behind for a moment and recharge?






About the Author:

April Hersey is a Verification Specialist at FAS. Outside of work you may find her hiking NH mountains, trail-blazing with the family, kayaking, coaching youth flag football and basketball or curling up with a good mystery book.

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