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Important Questions You Should Address If You Are Currently Using, Thinking of Switching or Hiring a Third-Party Servicer

Q. Would you rather send and receive student data including student aid reports via the internet without transmission issues instead of using U.S. mail, dial-up software or quirky applications that don’t work ?

A. FAS has the latest technology (FASLINE) in allowing institutions to communicate with our offices via the Internet. This saves the institution money on phone calls and/or software (including updates) that the institution would have to purchase in order to send and receive data with another servicer.

Q. Does your current servicer as part of their annual fee, supply you with a check list or software program to perform your own verification on your student files instead of offering the option of reviewing all selected verification files for you, thus making verification your responsibility?

A. FAS performs 100% verification review on all selected files for all of its clients that request this service at no additional fee.

Q. Does your servicer force you to calculate the Return of Title IV Funds for your institution?

A. FAS calculates all Return of Title IV Funds for all their clients that request this service at no additional fee.

Q. Does your current servicer charge you per ISIR/SAR (Student Aid Report) processed?

A. FAS only charges you per recipient which would substantially reduce your annual charge.

Q. Does your current servicer charge you an additional annual or monthly software or electronic fee?

A. FAS does not have any additional fees for either of these services.

Q. Does your current servicer use voice mail making for long delays and unanswered questions?

A. FAS has no voice mail and all client questions are answered immediately by any of our professional staff members. (No assigned account reps.)

Q. Does it take your current servicer more time than you desire to turn your work around and make disbursements to your students?

A. FAS guarantees a quick turnaround of your funds within a very short period of time. (Same day processing for electronic files).

Q. Does your current servicer require you to enter large amounts of data and print reams of paper?

A. FAS is a hands-on or interactive processor. Our system is very unique from most servicers where we actually do more work for the institution. We actually enter the data and send it.

Q. Does your current servicer assign you to only one particular individual for questions and answers?

A. FAS has a large staff of seasoned professionals anyone of which can take your call and answer any of your questions. You are never assigned to only one particular individual. Also, we do not have voice mail but an individual to take your call each and every time.

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you owe it to yourself to check out our many cost effective services. If you are presently in contract with another servicer, you just may want to switch NOW for the new processing year. Why wait when you can immediately take advantage of all the benefits and savings that FAS can offer your institution?

Please give us a call at 1-800-432-7462 or send the enclosed information card and a friendly staff member will be in touch with you to explain all of our unique services.

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