Chelsie’s Inspiring Financial Aid Story

At Financial Aid Services (FAS) and Genesis Software, we are known for our industry expertise with decades worth of experience. But how did our experts first begin their journey in the world of Higher Education and Financial Aid?  

This month we are hearing from Chelsie Beaulieu, a Client Implementation Specialist here at FAS. You can read below to find out more about how her journey in Financial Aid first began.


My career in Financial Aid started when I was promoted to the role of Financial Aid Advisor at a local career college here in New Hampshire.

In 2012, I initially joined as an Administrative Assistant. Then, in 2014, the school’s previous Financial Aid Advisor decided to move on to another career path, and I was asked to step into the position. I was thrilled, but also very nervous!

During the four months I held the position, I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. Having had no prior experience, it was certainly overwhelming at times. I even remember working a few long 10-hour days without even eating!

This experience turned out to be short-lived, as our school later merged with its sister institution. Their Financial Aid Advisor (who already had at least 10 years of experience) took over the position for both schools.

The most rewarding aspect of the job was interacting with the students. After they graduated, many of them reached out to me on social media to keep in touch and stay connected as they embarked on their next journey into their careers.

After spending a couple of years back in the Administrative Assistant role, one of my coworkers applied for a position at Financial Aid Services. Although she was offered the position, she accepted another job offer. She came to me and let me know about FAS and that they were hiring. I thought it sounded like an excellent chance for personal and professional growth, as well as an opportunity to expand my knowledge of Financial Aid.

I started working at FAS on November 7th, 2016! My journey started at the front desk, answering incoming calls. Soon afterward, I transitioned to the Client Relations department, where I focused on onboarding new clients and Financial Aid Advisors! I’ve learned so much from my position and from my team, and I have enjoyed the journey! 

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