Certified Reimbursement Agent

It is unfortunate, but it happens. The Department of Education may have found a reason to put you on Reimbursement. That’s good news. The Department has given your school a second chance. You probably don’t want to botch that second chance. You’d rather see your school get OFF reimbursement. Ask FAS how many schools have gotten off of Reimbursement recently thanks to FAS’ intense scrutiny and quality service in submitting files to the Department for the School. FAS provides the following Services under Reimbursement.

  • Approved by the Department of Education
  • Review all Federally Required Elements in Files including
  • School Certification
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Admissions
  • Enrollment Information
  • Student Ledgers’
  • Professional Judgment Documents
  • Follow-up
  • Provide Checks to Cash

Yes, you can continue easily while on “Reimbursement”

As long as you use FAS as your Reimbursement Agent, you can put some worries aside. FAS creates a continuing cycle (on a monthly basis of course) that keeps funds coming in consistently. FAS has a spotless reputation with the Department of Education and is well known by many of the Department’s Reimbursement Analysts. Therefore, a school can be rest assured that all files will make it through the reimbursement process without any major glitches. Then before you know it, your school just may be taken off reimbursement. FAS has had many of its schools get back into regular processing in no time.

FAS will check all files for each required component as requested by the specific Reimbursement Analyst in your Region. FAS will also assist in completing required reports and certification. If any staff at the school need training on what file components to send, FAS will gladly conduct a quick workshop for the school.

FAS will then keep in touch with the reimbursement analyst as the files go through the process at the Department. This communication insures the school that the maximum funding amount is indeed awarded, and that files make it through the system quickly. FAS is also able to know when the funds are available for the school to retrieve.

FAS provides the school with the proper funding reports and checks so all the school must do is sign and cash the check!

So if you’re put on Reimbursement, relax and call FAS to do the job!

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