Certification and Eligibility

Program Participation Agreements and applying for Eligibility and Certification is yet another area of FAS’ expertise. Whether you are a new school applying for Title IV or if your school is already in the Title IV programs and you wish to make some changes to your current school structure or ownership, FAS can assist in “The application to participate”.

Are you brand new to the world of financial aid or want to know, “How Can I Get Federal Funds (Title IV) For My Students?” If you are at the point of taking the big step into getting funded, you are probably full of questions and are wondering where you will get all the answers. FAS can tell you how, where and when and hold your hand through the entire process–all while continually updating you on all regulations during your application process.

Have you ever had to complete an Application to participate in the Federal Title IV Programs? If so, you understand the time it takes to go through the many pages of questions and documentation requirements. Even if your school is implementing some changes, you may have to complete part or all of the application again! Then you wait for it to be approved by the Department of Education wondering if you had indeed completed correctly.

FAS has seen every type of change in every type of school and has assisted many schools in processing their changes with the Feds. FAS has also successfully brought hundreds of schools into the programs by assisting the school with the entire application process. Want to get in today or just have a change you want to report correctly? Call us and let us help you do the dirty work.

FAS will:

  • Assist in preparing and submitting Application to The US Department of Education
  • Follow Application through Process for Quicker Turn-Around
  • Regulatory Update/Newsletter FREE While Awaiting Approval
  • Make Necessary Corrections or Additions, as Required
  • Change of Ownership
  • Additional Branches and Locations
  • Recertification
  • Name and Address Changes
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