A Moment’s Magic

By Ashley Dowling – Sometimes life can feel like the movies if you let it. The movies are scripted and rehearsed for that picture perfect moment. But when that moment happens without someone pulling your strings, it feels like magic.

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Lake Life In New Hampshire

By: Brianna Gualco – Every year my sister and I plan a summer beach trip. Due to COVID, we missed it last year. We missed it the year before too because sis purchased a house and was very busy moving in. We couldn’t let another year go by missing our tradition however this year we decided to try a new town, a new beach, and different waters.

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Picture of Health

By Jennifer Manolakis – She was the “picture of health” on the surface, but underneath the long blonde hair, radiant smile and kind eye was anything but the TV’s version of wellbeing. It was pain; it was fear; it was Cystic Fibrosis. But while the fear may have bubbled beneath the surface, Caitlyn was a vibrant energy of positivity and light. You didn’t look at her and see a human in the throes of a chronic health condition, you saw a regular, hard working person who filled your day with laughter and hope.

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Happiness in Waves

By: Ronda Daly-Dolan – Most people will agree that walking on a beach is wonderfully peaceful. Lately I am realizing that searching for shells can also bring relaxation and tranquility. The color blue has been proven to produce relaxing responses in our brain. Blue has been used by psychologists and behaviorists to help relax their patients.

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The Positivity of Connection

By Elizabeth Morris – The year 2020 was by far a year that will be remembered in history. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, life as we knew it did not exist anymore. However, some good came out of 2020. There have been many stories of how we survived and managed to overcome the unthinkable. Although there were many disturbing twists of life and fate, happiness did prevail.

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Happiness is Found in the Journey

By April Hersey – It was noon on a Friday, the snow just starting to fall. Laurance and I had roof racks to place, a ski box to move, kayaks to load and it seemed the faster we moved, the heavier the snowfall. After three hours of tightening bolts and redoing our mistakes – we called the kids to the car. “Let the adventure begin!” Laurance said smiling. In that moment, my mind went right to the adventures we would experience when we hit our destination.

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FAS Announces 2021 Fall Seminar

2020 was a crazy year with an unprecedented pandemic that rendered travel questionable, and lock downs were unavoidable. The pandemic first forced us to reschedule our annual FAS seminar, then […]

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A Favorite Winter Activity

By Sandi O’Connell – I LOVE SNOWSHOEING!!! Coming from an avid snowshoer, snow shoeing is fairly simple to do, and it can take you to some very beautiful and remote places in the winter. Think frozen waterfalls and cotton snow covered evergreens. However, snowshoeing can still be quite tiring (definitely more so than walking), so you tend to do silly “Clumsy” things as you tire.

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The “We’ve always done it this way” Mentality

By Ashley Dowling – Life is fluid. Even a stone doesn’t remain the same after years of time lashing out on it. It wears down from the weather. It changes in color, shape, and texture. If there’s one thing we can learn from nature it’s adapt or die.

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