On-Site Auditing and File Review Assistance

Let FAS visit your school before the Feds do.

No school is perfect. With so many regulation changes and clarifications, not to mention staff turnover, schools need constant quality check ups. By the time a school’s auditor catches the problems, it could be nightmare. What if a Federal Reviewer suddenly shows up? Are you confident that your school would pass the test? Let the experts at FAS be the judge of that BEFORE it happens. FAS will do the following during a site visit.

  • Entrance and Exit Analysis
  • Audit/Review of all School Financial Aid Procedures
  • Audit/Review Financial Aid Policies
  • Interview School Staff
  • Full Student Financial Aid File Review
  • Academic File Review
  • Fiscal Procedure Analysis
  • Finding Report and Written Evaluation

FAS will come in just like an official reviewer (unannounced if you choose) and go through the official steps a federal reviewer would follow.

Maybe you just need some clean up due to increased turnover. Are all processes being done correctly?

FAS is conservative, so we look at everything. FAS will make the school aware of any potential findings in files, in policies or even in staff. The idea is to prepare the school for a finding free audit or program review. FAS staff also have general management backgrounds, so don’t be surprised if your school receives tips that have nothing to do with financial aid.

Call us. FAS will restore your confidence.

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