Accreditation Assistance

Schools who decide to become accredited (or need to be reaccredited) may need help getting through the approval process. FAS and its partners have helped many schools easily get through the accreditation process. For schools new to accreditation, this is sometimes a big relief as accreditation can be overwhelming. With the assistance of FAS’ accreditation partner, the school can think more clearly about getting into the Title IV programs following accreditation.

The purpose of this specialized service is to inform, recommend and implement practices and procedures mandated by the accreditation commission chosen by the institution. The scope of this service encompasses the entire accreditation process which begins from the initial application to the final accreditation approval.


  • Develop and or revise Institution’s Catalog and Student’s Enrollment Contract.
  • Develop and or revise Institution’s Procedures Manual.
  • Assist and complete Institution’s Accreditation Initial Application.
  • Assist and complete Application for Institution’s Status Report.
  • Assist and complete Institution’s Self-Study.
  • Assist and complete Institution’s Response Report.
  • Review and implement all Institution’s Procedures, Forms and In-House Policies.
  • Review and correct all deficiencies at the Institution (on-site visit).
  • Review Financial Statements of Institution.
  • Assist with any other pertinent material needed by the institution.
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