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Financial Aid Services, Inc (FAS) was established in 1980 as a family run business by its founder and president, Al Gillis, in order to bridge the gap between career schools, colleges, universities and the U.S. Department of Education. FAS supplies institutions with the latest technology in financial aid servicing, consulting and school management software in order to help institutions strengthen themselves financially, managerially and competitively.

Today, FAS is recognized as one of the largest and oldest Financial Aid Servicers in the country, with client’s coast to coast. Some of FAS’ original clients have remained with FAS since its inception 45 years ago.

Financial Aid Services (FAS) has a large staff of dedicated employees, some of which have been with the company for over 30 years. The offices of Financial Aid Services are located in  Salem, NH, which also houses its large training facility. The Senior Management team has combined experience of over 125 years in the administration of Financial Aid and School Management Software.

FAS credits itself in training a number of personnel who are currently working in various schools and companies in the financial aid community.

FAS’ integration of consulting, processing, and software applications offer a “one stop” opportunity for owners who need to reach beyond the talent and resources available at their own institutions.

FAS continues to grow as it continually Empowers Schools and Students to Succeed in Education.

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