About FASLine

Stay Compliant while processing your Federal Aid Funds Efficiently on the web!

FASLine is your FA Department’s simple, time-saving tool to share student Title IV data with FAS staff in order to accurately disburse student federal aid. FASline will also provide the school FA and Business office with integral disbursement data that fulfills Dept of Ed reporting requirements as well as communicates important student data across school departments.

FASLine takes simplicity a step further by seamlessly integrating with school administration and student academic data with a financial aid Disbursement module developed by experts in financial aid. This module communicates all disbursement data directly into school ledgers for those schools using Genesis School Management Software. FAS will also map this data to other systems for a fee.

Student Disbursement data including amounts of disbursement and disbursement date, must be accurate and agree across the board with Department of Education data. FASLine and Genesis achieve this without the tedious, duplicate data entry.

FASLine is 100 % web based. Faculty and soon students alike will have access to FASLine.

The first phase of FASLine on the web has already been provided to FAS clients. This includes the EDGE portal for additional secure file sharing such as in verification processing or audit package sharing. The EDGE portal eliminates paper documents and guarantees a safe and secure environment for exchanging any type of Title IV document from verification, to C Codes to refund calculations. FAS clients have discovered a whole new world of document management without the paper. FAS does NOT charge hefty data fees for this service.

Check out the many easy to use modules of FASLine including:

  • Award Letters
  • ISIR transfer
  • FAS Application for Disbursement (FASAPP)
  • R2T4 Calculation
  • Disbursement Voucher
  • Anticipated Disbursement or Subsequent Disbursement Request
  • Loan Certifications
  • Title IV (PELL/FSEOG) Bank Deposit (fund transfer)
  • ERR (Enrollment Roster Completion)
  • Program Notification Change
  • Important REPORTS!

FASLine also serves as the school’s daily update/news provider. When a user logs on, important messages will be displayed in the Message Center.


Remember, FASLine was designed to eliminate data entry and processing for the FAS Client. FAS staff will handle most of the processing for its clients so School FA’s can take part in other important areas like speaking with students. Let the experts at FAS do the work accurately and efficiently for you.

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