Giving; Not Receiving

By Elizabeth Morris

Throughout the past year, families across the world have been affected by COVID-19. Some have lost their jobs; others have lost loved ones. At FAS, we have been fortunate enough to work throughout the entire pandemic as well as create new friendships along the way. Since I began at FAS last January, everyone has gone above and beyond to prioritize helping families, clients, and each other. Observing the love and generosity I have seen at FAS throughout the past year has allowed me to grow. FAS not only cares about their employees, but they care for others. FAS is about giving, not receiving.

Christmas is the time of giving, and FAS feels passionately about helping those in need. This Christmas season, our FAS family is choosing to “adopt a family” in need. Throughout this holiday season, FAS will be collecting donations to shower our adopted family with joy this Christmas.

Christmas can often be a time where we get lost in materialistic matters. During this time of giving, FAS is determined to give back to our community. Through collecting donations and shopping on the weekends, FAS will be able to help a local family this holiday season. The best part about giving back to your community is the happiness you gain from helping those in need. Through the connections we make along the way, we can create relationships and memories that will last a lifetime.

FAS is beyond excited to help a local family this holiday season, and we hope your school will consider doing so too! Donations can be made to your local church, food pantry, or donation center this Christmas.


About the Author:

Elizabeth Morris is a Receptionist at FAS. She is fascinated by Higher Education and wants to learn all she can in order to help clients and students succeed. Elizabeth loves to read and write!

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